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Hospitals Full of Deadly Germs: How to Stay Safe

The hospital can be a dangerous place. You go there to get healed but there is a significant risk you can get sick from a germ you pick up there. “Although there has been some progress, today and every day, more than 200 Americans with healthcare-associated infections will die during their hospital stay,” said Centers…


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Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for Me?


You want to stay in your house as you grow older, but you need a ready source of cash to pay your bills, now and in the future. The answer may be a reverse mortgage. With a regular mortgage, you make payments to the lender, whether it is a bank or a credit union or…


Hospital “Observation” Stays Can Hit You With a Huge Medicare Bill


Some patients are astonished and upset when they get big hospital bills they thought were covered by Medicare. This happens because they are classified as patients under observation, rather than full admission. They might  have spent several days and nights in the hospital, received treatments and medications, but are still considered to be under observation….


Are you 70 and ready for IRA withdrawals? Take the money this year to avoid a tax trap


You have been fortunate enough to pile up savings in your Individual Retirement Account for all those years at work, and it’s grown to a tidy sum.  At age 70 1/2 , you need to start making withdrawals. Some good advice to avoid tax traps. Remember that you have to make a withdrawal or face…


Don’t Pay Too Much for your Part D Meds: Extra Help and Other Tips


Don’t leave $4,000 a year on the table when you pay for your medications. That’s the value of “Extra Help,” a government program for low-income seniors under Part D, Medicare’s prescription drug program. More than two million people are eligible, but haven’t signed up. They are paying a lot more than they need to for…


Social Security’s Best Strategy for Couples: Max Your Benefits


Social Security is a lot more challenging for married couples than a simple statement to your spouse, “I’m 62 this year and I can get Social Security. Seems like a good idea. I’m tired of working.”

Instead, you need careful planning. The longer you wait, and the better you calculate, and take full advantage of the complex rules, the better you can do for yourself and your spouse. The happy result can be hundreds of thousands of dollars more in your lifetime, especially if you are healthy enough to live into your 90s. Take a 65 year-old married couple. There is a 40% chance that one of them will celebrate a 90th birthday.

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