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You Can Get a Big Chunk of Cash from Social Security

You probably don’t know it, but Social Security can give you a big, lump-sum check for $40,000 or $50,000 or even more — a bonus, like winning a lottery. Should you take the bucks? It’s a complex business and depends on your age, your health, whether you are married and how much money you have…


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Your Chance to Max Social Security Benefits is Disappearing


This original story appeared on on November 2 The budget bill Congress just passed and President Obama signed will wipe out billions in potential future Social Security benefits for millions of members of the baby boom generation. And if you had counted on using certain strategies to increase how much you’ll get from Social…


What’s Up, Doc? Diagnostic errors cause 10% of patient deaths

Medicare Observation

When a doctor makes a mistake in diagnosis, the results can have “devastating consequences,” says a new Report by the Institute of Medicine, calling for a major effort to improve the work of detecting and treating disease. “Most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetimes, said the report, “Improving Diagnosis in…


With No Cash or Delegates, White House Conference on Aging Goes Big for Social Media


With zero funds to bring delegates to Washington, Monday’s White House Conference on Aging will rely on a mixture of tools to spread its message: tweets, questions delivered through Facebook, and “watch” parties in all 50 states. What it won’t have, for the first time since these once-a-decade conventions began happening in 1961, will be…


Over 65? Check This Tax Break for Medical Bills


You can get a special tax break to deduct your medical expenses. And they can be a lot more than you realize. Here are just some of the potentially deductible items: the Part B Medicare premium you pay every month ($104.90 for most people), the Part D premiums you pay for drug coverage, the premiums…


Don’t Mess Up Your Medicare Part B


Medicare Part B pays for doctor bills. You need to know when to sign up to avoid a big gap in coverage. When you turn 65, you automatically get enrolled in Medicare Part A, which pays for hospital bills. For Part B, which covers doctor bills, you have lots of choices. If you aren’t working,…

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